Conversational solfege- Grades 2-5

This general music curriculum was written by John. M Feierabend, a leader in early music education. His conversational solfege curriculum focuses on teaching our students music through folk songs especially American folk songs. He uses solfege and rhythm syllables as a method toward understanding notation.

First Steps in Music- Grades 1-2

John M. Feieraband’s music curriculum for early elementary focuses on folk songs and singing games. This curriculum is designed to help early elementary students become comfortable with singing alone and with others in a comfortable classroom setting.

Musician's Corner-Grades 1-5

Throughout the school year we will be discussing musicians and their musical works. Students will listen to and discuss major musical works and their significance to us today. We will be starting our Musician's Corner with Joshua Bell. Joshua Bell is a famous violinist and conductor.

Move It! Monthly-Grades 1-5

Each month the students will be learning a sequence of movements to a specific piece of classical music. The motions for each piece focus on themes in the music. We will be learning a new one each month. The move it! for the month of September is- “Sabre Dance.”

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